Dunscore Pre-school Centre Policies & Procedures
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Our Policies and Procedures can be found in the following pages.

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Current Policies to be agreed by the committee in 2017/18 (Term 2) Click on the policy name to view  Secure handling, use, storage and retention of disclosure information Staff Absence Complaints Recruitment of ex-offenders Discipline and grievance

Our Improvement Plans

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Several policies are being changed they will be added to the site once the changes have been made and approved by the committee..


Disclosure information.pdf Absence policy (staff).pdf Complaints.pdf exoffendersa4.pdf Dicipline + Grievance.pdf

Our Vision Values and Aims

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Our Curriculum Rationale

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Our Annual Accounts

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vision value and aims2017pg1.pdf Improvement Plan 17 - 18_final_copy.pdf curriculum rationale -new.pdf Accounts 2017