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Dunscore Pre-school Centre is committed to delivering an excellent service. As such we welcome being informed of areas where we are not meeting these high standards - such constructive complaints should allow us to resolve any issues in a fair and confidential manner in the best interests of all involved.

A complaint is anything you wish to call a complaint. This can be about any aspect of the running of the Pre-school Centre. All complaints, regardless of the circumstance, will be fully investigated and acted upon. You will always receive a response and no member of staff or committee will be a judge as to the outcome of their own case. Staff and committee members have the assurance that at all stages of the procedure they will be allowed to put forward their side of the case.
Informal Complaints Procedure
You may want to attempt to resolve the matter amicably in the first instance by talking to a member of staff or a committee member. They will listen carefully and after discussion with you should agree if the matter :
• can be satisfactorily resolved
• needs further investigation (this must be done within 20 days or you should be informed why it is taking longer and a revised timescale)
• Needs to be a formal complaint
Any action agreed must be carried out and you should be kept informed by the relevant staff or committee member.  You may have the assistance or support from a friend, relative or representative at any stage of this procedure.
Many complaints can be resolved in this way although you do have the right to use the formal complaint procedure.

Formal Complaint Procedure
1. If you want to make a formal complaint you can either :
• request a meeting to make the complaint in person to a staff/relevant committee member and fill a Complaint Form together so there is  agreement on the basis of the complaint
• write a letter of complaint to the Chairperson of the Pre-School Centre’s Committee.
A formal complaint must be in writing to ensure that it is dealt with in an effective manner. Ideally, complaints should be made in person so that a member of staff/committee can discuss the matter and record an agreement on the basis of the complaint in writing. You may have a friend, partner or representative present at this meeting
2. The Chairperson will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 3 days and undertake to reach a decision within as short a period as reasonable and no more than 20 days. A swift resolution of any complaint will be seen as a priority and times given here will be considered maximums. However this will not be at the expense of the need for understanding and fairness. If a decision cannot be achieved within the stated time then you will be informed of the delay, the reason for it and the revised timings
3. A confidential record of the complaint, discussions will be made. A copy of the decision, the reason behind it, and any action implemented, will be sent to you.
4. Most problems should be sorted out at this stage. However if the outcome of the complaints procedure proves unsatisfactory you have the right of appeal.    . Should you wish to exercise this right you should complete a Complaint Appeal Form and send it to the Chairperson. This will be sent to you automatically with the complaint decision. If a complaint goes to appeal it will be put to a full Committee meeting. Anyone concerned with the matter will have the right to put their side in writing or in person and may be accompanied by a friend/relative/advocate. You also have the right to ask for a mediator to help resolve the issue. Although they have no legal powers they can help clarify the situation and help resolve it.
5. The result of the Appeal to Committee is final and ends the Pre-School Centre’s complaint’s procedure.
6. All Formal Complaints and Appeals are recorded and placed on file for two years.
7. In certain circumstances, such as a child at risk or a possible breach of registration requirements then it will be necessary to involve Dumfries and Galloway Council and / or the Care Inspectorate.
8. The Care Inspectorate will be informed of any complaints and the action taken in the annual return made to them.

Alternatively, if you do not want to follow the above procedure at any point you can refer the matter to or discuss a concern with the Care Inspectorate, Compass House, 11, Riverside Drive, Dundee, DD1 4NY or or use the National Enquires Phoneline on
0845 600 9527


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