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Confidentiality Policy

This policy exists to protect children, parents, carers, families and staff, and to ensure that everyone using Dunscore Pre-School Centre is absolutely clear about issues of confidentiality and what the centre’s procedures and routines are in respect of this matter.

Underpinning the policy is our recognition that the safety and well being of children and families is of paramount importance, as is respect for the privacy of those involved in the centre.

Working with Children and Families
We recognise that our work with children and families sometimes involves staff and committee members dealing with confidential information. Information, verbal or written, provided by parents or carers is treated confidentially.
parents or carers are informed of records being kept on their child
parents or carers have access to their child’s records only
children’s records are kept in individual files and stored securely in a locked cabinet
files are available at each session but can only be accessed by the office bearers of the centre or a member of staff, as appropriate
children’s personal details cannot be passed on to another person or people without the parent’s or carer’s prior knowledge and consent
committee members, staff and adult helpers do not talk publicly about matters relating to the children and their families
staff do not discuss personal information regarding the children, other than for curriculum development and centre management purposes, with any other person/s without the parent’s or carer’s knowledge and consent.

The centre is aware that abuse does occur in our society. It recognises it has a prime responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of children in the centre and has a duty to report any suspicions of abuse to the local authority.
any evidence relating to a child’s personal safety is kept in a separate secure confidential file
contents of the file are open only to the chairperson and staff members
parents or carers will have access to records relating to their own child

Employer/Employee Relationship
The employment of staff is a committee responsibility and all issues regarding the employment and management of staff is confidential to the people directly involved.

We recognise that holding certain information could amount to an intrusion into an employee’s privacy and take care that an individual’s
personnel record contains only relevant information and that it is safe guarded effectively.
individual records are kept for each staff member in confidential personnel files
staff have access to their own personal record
only the chair, treasurer, senior playleader / manager and administrator have access to the information contained in an individual’s file
staff’s personal details cannot be passed to another person without their prior knowledge and consent.

The office bearers and other committee members do not talk publicly about:
- an individual’s work performance
- terms and conditions of employment for individual members of staff
- disciplinary or grievance matters brought to their attention.

Staff do not talk publicly about:
- the work performance of their colleagues
- disciplinary or grievance matters in which they are directly involved.

Any breach of the procedures and routines specified in this policy document will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action being taken if a staff member is involved.
If a committee member or adult helper is involved, a complaint will be made against him or her.

In collecting, holding and processing personal data the centre complies with current Data Protection rules and guidance.