Dunscore Pre-school Centre Policies & Procedures
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1. Pupil Absence

2. Additional Support Needs

3. Behaviour Management

4. Bullying & harassment

5. Child Protection

6. Confidentiality

7. Curriculum- updated policy to be agreed by committee

8. Equal Opportunities

9. Fire, Emergency & Critical Incidents

10.Food preparation & storage              


12.GIRFEC - updated policy to be agreed by committee

13.Healthy Eating-  being reviewed by staff    

14.Health & Safety

The following policies and procedures relating to daily practice can be downloaded from here by clicking on the policy name.  These are the policies and procedures that underpin the day to day work going on at the centre and the ethos behind it.

15.  Intimate care

16. Medication

17. Outings & trips

18. Outdoor Play

19. Participation Strategy

20. Prevention & control of infection

21. Risk assessment

22. Smoking

23. Social networking & IT

24. Transition - new policy 2019

25.  Toothbrushing

Dealing with absences (pupils)-web.pdf Additional support needs-web.pdf Behavour Mgt-web.pdf Bullying & Harassment-web.pdf Child protection 18-web.pdf Confidentiality-web.pdf Curriculum 2018-web.pdf Equal Opportunities-web.pdf Gift policy-web.pdf Girfec-web.pdf health and safety-web.pdf Intimate Care-web.pdf Medication -web.pdf Outings-web.pdf participation strategy 2018-web.pdf Prevention of Infection-web.pdf Risk Assesment Policy-web.pdf Smoking policy-web.pdf Social Networking-web.pdf Toothbrushing-web.pdf fire & critical incidents.pdf food preparation & Storage.pdf Healthy eating.pdf