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Policy and Procedures for the Secure Handling, Use, Storage and Retention of Disclosure Information

For the purposes of this policy; PVG Scheme records, PVG Scheme Record updates, Standard and Enhanced disclosures will be referred to as disclosure records.

Dunscore Pre-school Centre is a CRBS enrolled organisation. This policy relates to the centre accessing Disclosure records for the purpose of assessing an individual’s suitability for paid and /or unpaid work, including committee members.

In accordance with the Scottish Government Code of Practice, for registering persons and other recipients of disclosure information, Dunscore Pre-school Centre will ensure the following practice.

Disclosure records will only be requested when necessary and relevant to a particular post and the information provided on a disclosure record will only be used for recruitment purposes.

Dunscore Pre-school Centre will ensure that an individual’s consent is given before seeking a disclosure record, and will seek their consent before using disclosure information for any purpose other than recruitment. Furthermore, Dunscore Pre-school Centre will ensure that all sensitive personal information that is collated for the purposes of obtaining a record will be managed confidentially at all times by those involved in the disclosure process.

For enhanced disclosures only -where non conviction disclosure information is provided to Dunscore Pre-school Centre and not to the disclosure applicant concerned, we will not disclose the actual details of the disclosure information to the disclosure applicant, but can inform them, if asked that additional information has been provided, should this information affect the recruitment decision, not actual details of the additional information or where it was resourced.

Disclosure information will only be shared with those authorised to see it in the course of their duties.

Disclosure information will be stored in a locked non-portable container and we will not retain such information for longer than is relevant to our needs. Only those authorised to see this information in the course of their duties will have access to this container.

Disclosure information will be destroyed by shredding.

No image or photocopy of the Disclosure information may be retained. A record of the following will be kept
• Date of issue of disclosure record
• Name of subject
• Disclosure type
• Position for which disclosure was requested
• Unique reference number of disclosure
• Recruitment decision taken.
We will ensure that all staff and committee members with access to disclosure information are aware of this policy and have received relevant training and support.
Dunscore Pre-school Centre  undertake to make a copy of this policy available to any applicant for a post that requires a disclosure.