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Outings provide children with a range of learning opportunities that are impossible to offer within the confines of the pre-school Outings may represent part our everyday programme or they may be a special event. The former would make use of the local area where children would be taken on walks and visits to the park, shop, church ,school, etc. The latter would represent visits to a theatre or museum, which are not part of the group’s everyday programme.  Visits may fit in with the group’s curriculum planning or could be in response to something initiated by the children
Dunscore Pre-school Centre will give all the children the opportunity to go on outings through out the year.  Local visits will be undertaken by the children attending on that particular day.  However special outings will be made available to all the children in that specific year group.  
Prior to an outing being organised, the proposed venue will be visited, where possible, to ascertain the suitability and safety of the destination.  Otherwise, detailed information will be obtained from the venue.  A written risk assessment will then be undertaken.  This should include an assessment of the ratios of staff to children required on each outing. Measures will be put in place to minimise any identified risk.
Information will be provided to all parents/guardians regarding outings. For those involving transport this will include date, times, travel arrangements, preferred dress, whether food is required, the activities that children may engage in, number of adults in attendance and cost. Children will have a chance to learn about the outing beforehand and discuss them afterwards. . Adult helpers will be invited to accompany children on the outing if necessary. They will be provided with clear instructions on their role during the day.
Parents/ guardians will be issued with a consent form and written consent must be obtained prior to a child going on  outings. Parents/guardians should speak to a committee or staff member if they have queries or concerns about an outing and/or about giving their consent.
Where vehicles are being used, checks will be made to ensure the road worthiness of the vehicle and that adequate insurance cover is held. Child restraints (seatbelts/car seats) will be checked to ensure that they are sufficient and appropriate to the age and weight of the children.  Where the cars of parents/guardians are being used, they will be asked to consult with their own insurance company and to make any necessary arrangements for appropriate cover. Written consent will be sought from parents/guardians prior to their child being conveyed in a staff member’s or parent’s/guardian’s car.
Children on outings will be clearly identified, by their sweatshirts or other means, but not with their own name. During the outing there will be frequent head counts to ensure that everyone is accounted for.
Each group leader will have a list of the children they are responsible for and any relevant medical details.  On an outing the person in charge will carry the following items with them:
· First Aid Kit
· Accident and Incident Book
· A list of all participants
· Completed consent forms containing relevant medical details and contact numbers.
Copies of the consent forms and a complete list of everyone attending the outing including adult supervisors and destination details will be left at the group’s premises.

Policy and Procedures
Permission Slip
A copy of the Permission Slip can be viewed here