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Risk Assessment Policy
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 impose an obligation upon Dunscore Pre-school Centre to assess the risks to the health, safety and welfare of staff and any others affected by their activities.  Dunscore Pre-school Centre is also aware of its responsibility for the safety, health and well-being of both the children attending the group and all  the staff, paid or unpaid, and other adults who are involved, in any way, in the activities and undertakings of the group. As a result we also undertake to carry out a full risk assessment which involves:
• recording the significant findings of the assessment
• identifying any group of children, staff, or other persons who are regarded as being especially at risk.
By carrying out a structured risk assessments we aim to:
• ensure a safe and healthy play experience
• reduce the possibility and cost of injuries, illness, property and equipment damage
• manage health and safety
• produce a quality working environment.

Risk Assessment Procedures

Dunscore Pre-school Centre has a duty to eradicate or control any risks to children, staff, parents and others who are associated with the work of the group.  This is implemented by carrying out the following:

conducting annual risk assessments

recording the significant findings of the assessment and implementing the control measures

 considering risk assessment as an on-going process

 accurately recording and reporting accidents or incidents as they occur

monitoring the management of risks by ensuring that risks and hazards are discussed at staff and committee meetings

carrying out a regular review in order to ensure risks are being managed or eliminated appropriately and to identify new or emerging risks.

Dunscore Pre-school Centre uses an on-going process of risk assessment which is suitable and sufficient, identifying the significant risks arising. It is carried out and recorded by the staff as part of a review of working practice.  It is then reviewed annually by the committee, in particular the chair and health and safety officer. When necessary guidance and advice is sought from relevant professionals.  The purpose of the assessment is to provide a set of control measures which are followed whenever a particular activity or piece of equipment is used in the course of the group’s work. The control measures aim to eliminate, or manage and minimise, potential harm or injury to any person, child or adult, engaged in the activity.  All reasonable care is taken to ensure that hazards are identified.
This risk assessment process provides a regular, systematic examination of our work activity where we:

identify the hazards which may occur. (A hazard is something with the potential to cause harm or injury.)

identify the people who might be at risk.  (Risk is the likelihood of harm or injury.)

identify factors/causes which contribute to risks

evaluate the consequences of risk (This is dependent on two factors: the probability of something happening and the severity of the consequences should it happen).

 determine and implement changes and control measures which are needed to eliminate or control the risks.
• Determine and implement changes which are needed to eliminate or control the risk
whenever a particular activity is being carried out.
Full details of these procedures are included with the risk assessment manual.

Dunscore Pre-school Centre has a positive attitude and culture towards health and safety and ensures that information about hazards, risks and preventative measures are known to staff, parents,children and others as appropriate.  They all show commitment and involvement in the implementation of the risk assessment control measures.

Accidents and Incidents
Dunscore Pre-school Centre keeps a record of all accidents and incidents which occur during the course of the group’s activities using an Accident and Incident Record book. Any accidents or incidents are thoroughly examined to ensure all the underlying causes are identified. Thorough investigations will help identify the hazards involved and will suggest measures to take to avert such accidents/incidents happening.

Staff at Dunscore Pre-school Centre continually monitor activities including, health and safety matters in order to gauge how successfully we are operating. In order to monitor health and safety performance the manager, along with others from staff, committee and parents, regularly examine and check that:

safety standards and procedures are being implemented

the controls introduced to eliminate or minimise risk are working

information and insight gained through monitoring are used to improve practice and procedures

accidents and incidents are recorded and discussed by staff.

if injury, illness or damage to property occurs, or nearly occurs, we investigate what and why something happened, so that remedial action can be taken to control the risk.

the outcomes of monitoring health and safety performance feature regularly in staff discussions and committee meetings.

We review and evaluate the information provided by monitoring in order to:

show to what extent health and safety policy and standards are being complied with

identify areas which need attention

demonstrate what has been achieved

Monitoring, assessing and reviewing all the information gathered will help the group to identify where improvements need to be made and the action necessary to make the improvements. Remedial actions as a result of this include a variety of outcomes including:
This Risk Assessment Process helps Dunscore Pre-school Centre establish and maintain a healthy and safe environment for all the people involved in its activities; where incidents and damage to property are controlled.

organisational and policy changes

group expenditure on resources and equipment

updating health and safety information to parents

health and safety training

additional controls needed are fed back into the risk assessment

changes are made to the way activities are run or organised